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Corporate Training

Clapping Audience

I have for many years designed and delivered a range of training sessions for corporate companies, NHS and third sector organisations.

Training sessions are tailored to meet your organisation and staff needs and are drawn up following initial telephone or Skype discussion. 

Sessions are usually half or a full day, but can also run over two days.

The cost of the training session includes initial discussion to clarify training goals, delivery of the training and training material.

Specific training sessions also include additional and individual support to managers and/or leaders.


Some of the training I offer includes:

  • Well-Being at Work - The Essentials

  • General Mental Health Awareness (including  how to approach and support staff about their well-being)

  • Mental Health "First Aiders"/Mentors (this can include ongoing supervision via Skype)

  • Resilience Training for Staff and/or Managers

  • Recognising Stress in Oneself and the Workforce - Strategies for Stress Management

  • Workshops for Managers - Engaging in Difficult Conversations

  • Effective Leadership - Leading with Intention and Compassion

Open Field

To discuss your training needs,

please contact me on 07504 930119

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